Attempting a re-do on her own childhood, a busy mom of two spends her days creating the type of family that she always wanted.  When unexpected drama comes to her small town, she finds her daily, admittingly tedious, life in total upheaval.  Despite the multiple changes and challenges she encounters, she can’t help but find a little excitement in having feelings that she would not have previously allowed herself.  Two years and circumstances she could have never imagined lead her to have relationships she would never expect.  While facing the craziness, and the oftentimes comedic situations of her present, she must also confront the past that she has tried hard to ignore…all at the unspeakable age of, well, almost forty.

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Amanda Kay has loved writing since childhood, but it took a worldwide pandemic to curtail her day job and finally give her the time to produce and publish her first novel…at almost forty years old.  

She graduated from The Ohio State University with degrees in French and Foreign Language Education before teaching at the secondary level.  After several years of working with adolescents, she left her teaching career to be a stay-at-home mom.  Next, through various circumstances (as people often do), she fell into a new career in the travel industry which of course took a hit in 2020.  

With her kids being older and unexpected time on her hands, Amanda was able to embrace her lifelong goal of using her hyperactive imagination to write a book.  Her writing embraces issues that are dear to her heart coupled with quirky yet relatable female characters.  Her stories are set in the Midwest but also visit some of her favorite destinations around the world.

When Amanda is not working at her computer with her big black lab serving as a foot warmer, she can likely be found chauffeuring her two kids.  If not in her minivan, she’s probably enjoying a glass of wine with a friend or traveling with her favorite people: her husband, son and daughter.  

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